Tax Leving Hearing


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Sandy Lanier, County Clerk of Ralls County announces that the Board of Equalization will begin meeting at 9 am on July 16th, 2018, at the Ralls County Courthouse to hear those who disagree with the values of their real estate and personal property established by the Assessor for the 2018 tax year. The board tentatively plans to conclude the hearing by 4 pm July 31st, 2018. Appointments must be made by July 09th, 2018.

The first process for a tax appeal would be an informal hearing with Assessor Josh Ketsenburg to exchange information and discuss the value of your property. Assessor Josh Ketsenburg can be reached at 573-985-5671. Then if a resolution cannot be reached then please contact the County Clerk office at 573-985-7111 to schedule a hearing with the Board of Equalization by July 09, 2018.

Property owners who wish to appeal their assessment must make an appointment no later than July 09th, 2018 and should contact Sandy Lanier in the County Clerk office at 573-985-7111 for the necessary forms for such an appeal. Property owners appearing before the board should be prepared to present evidence to establish what they believe to be the correct value of their property, no appraisal is necessary at this time. If after a decision of the board, the property owner is still dissatisfied with the assessment, the appeal may be heard by the State Tax Commission and thereafter the Circuit Clerk.

**While there is no presumption that the assessor's valuation is correct (138.180), to establish the correct assessment, the taxpayer must provide substantial and persuasive evidence. Please be advised the no appraiser is necessary at this time.**

Click here for the BOE Appeal Form